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Player Profile - Erik Allen

Nickname: EA
Profile: Erik doesn’t come out too much, but when he does he brings a solid goalie game for his forward and usually places pretty high. With all the points resets, he’s lucky (or unlucky lol) to still be an amateur.

Erik used to have the stereotypical rookie goalie game complete with open handed push shots, but that seems like a long time ago. Once Bear moved in with him and gave him pro level practice on a regular basis, EA elevated his game. His 2 bar now consists of a set pull series that hits all the holes. His long is fast and can go around big dot and he’ll also throw in some options like deep pull kicks so you always have to keep your guard up.

The best part of Erik’s game is by far his defense. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s fast...sometimes he bails and sometimes he doesn’t. It’s smart and always gives the best players fits. He rarely gets hammered, and it’s the norm for his partners to get enough chances to win the match.

As a forward, Erik has the skill set to compete, but he’s pure goalie, and doesn’t have the consistency up front. He can still usually make a brief run in singles with his defense to give him extra chances offensively.

All in all, Erik is basically a ringer goalie with a few major titles which make him a good pick up come tourney time.

Strengths: Fantastic defense that gives his forwards tons of opportunities, solid 2 bar that doesn’t turn the ball over much, great long from the back

Weaknesses: So used to blocking people well that he doesn’t respect a lot of player’s shots so expect lots of eye rolling, good skills up front but doesn’t have the experience to stay consistent up there.

Last Updated: 9/2/2014 8:02:00 AM