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Player Profile - Greg Allen

Profile: Greg is the best 900 point rookie you’ll ever see. Having taken long breaks away from the scene a few times, his points have been reset back to beginner. When he was playing regularly, Greg was a top forward with a strong pull as well as an always sought after goalie with his cannon 2 bar.

Up front, Greg has a nice smooth 5, and from the 3 he shoots a blistering pull that never seems to get rusty no matter how much time he stays away. Sometimes he will get stuck quick shooting, but that’s only because he has so much success with it. Also, you’ve always got to be careful of his ppk! The pull push kick. When he’s feeling it…it’s an instant score because the goalie has to bail out to the long hole, and there’s no time to race back to the short once he push kicks it.

Greg won a few CO titles playing goalie back in the day with smart defense and a hard 2 bar series that works both sides of the goal. Probably his best accomplishment is playing front all the way through the Worlds No-Pro DYP with FooserX as his goalie. They ran the winners bracket beating lots of strong double semi pro teams, and easily swept the finals for a World title. He also had a strong showing at the Hall of Fame Classic 2000 in rookie doubles …before he abandoned his forward, X, to go home while they were still sitting 5/6th! Lol No I haven’t forgotten about that!

He doesn’t come out much, but Greg’s still very well known by the foosers who have been playing this game a while.

Strengths: Unraceable pull, awesome 2 bar, good all around game, sweet pull-pushkick option from the 3 bar.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t play so much anymore, sometimes can check out with slop

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:21:00 AM