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Player Profile - Cary Dulys

Profile: Cary’s an old school player that still comes out regularly enough to keep his skills sharp. Usually teamed up with Gaustad, they are always a rough opponent to fight on the table.

Dulys is Colorado’s best push kick shooter. No offense to Garret’s, but the speed on Cary’s pushkick is pretty damn fast to the long hole. He has the dinks and shorts to work the entire hole, but Cary definitely prefers blasting the long when he sees it. Like all push kick shooters, their main holes are short and long, so the best way to go about blocking pk’s is to show the shooter one of those holes and bait him for it. Or you can just use cover the short and long, and force him to work the inside with makes them have to shorten up their stroke. Most kick shooters don’t really work the complete power of the kick shot with middle and long sliding dinks, but if you block Cary or Garret long enough, they will smarten up and do it…which means you really have your work cut out for you on defense.

A nice guy to talk to and a good competitor, Cary’s old school game adds a refreshing dash of uniqueness to the scene.

On the 5 bar, Cary’s got a nice simple chip series that isn’t seen too often in Denver.

Strengths: Strong pushkick, solid mental game, nice 5 bar, good all around game

Weaknesses: Doesn’t play often enough to keep getting better

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:21:00 AM