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Player Profile - Mark Rudnicki

Profile: Rudnicki? Who’s that?

Most new players in Denver haven’t seen or heard about Mark Rudnicki from the Springs, but he’s one of Colorado’s elite pros. He’s no average pro that loses his game without playing a lot…Mark is a dominant fooser and when he comes out, expect to battle on the table.

His attitude is one of the fiercest ever, and you can constantly hear him yelling to pump himself up. When he’s all practiced up, he’s a lot like Spear in that he’s been known to take total beginners to 1st place wins in tourneys. The only difference is that Mark will do it without switching. Rudnicki just buckles down and plays his game…seemingly completely unaffected by what happens beyond his control.

Mark’s a great asset to the CO foos scene, and is always willing to help out new players.

Strengths: Aggressive killer attitude, great all around game, very disciplined, strong pull, great brush series with a wicked wall.

Weaknesses: Just doesn’t play/tour anymore to lift his game to a master level.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:21:00 AM