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Player Profile - Robin Adcock

Nickname: Trashman
Profile: Trashman got his name from years ago – he would travel from Grand Junction to Denver with one of those hack attack games. He would string together wins with fast hands and all kinds of gimmick shots/passes to roll through the normal competition, but eventually…Rob would run into a smart disciplined fooser would shut down the quick shots. Players like this usually go down the dark path of foosball…they get so addicted to their sloppy style and they never evolve and change to play real foosball. For the longest time, it seemed like that would be Robin’s sad fate.

But then one day he came to Denver with a completely revitalized game – an actual series on the far wall and a disciplined fast roller. Crazy! Despite the cool nickname, Trashy’s overcome and shed his previous style of playing for a solid well rounded methodical game. The best part is – he still has the fast hands and occasional trick shots to catch his opponents off guard. The best of both worlds! He now has lots of high placings, including a Vegas 09 Semi Pro Singles title in his credentials.

Strengths: Fast hands, great head game, well rounded – can play front, back and singles. Good roller, good toe pin and kick shots from the 3 bar when needed, can alternate between a fast and slow style of play

Weaknesses: Plays in Grand Junction so never really gets a chance to battle the best CO players who can make him better by reading any tells and tendencies he has.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:20:00 AM