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Player Profile - Phil Washum

Nickname: Boogie
Profile: Damn that guy’s tomahawk is nasty!

Dude! He just hit it again on the very next ball!!

AGAIN!!!! Three in a row!!

Hahaha, now he’s howling an Indian war cry in that guys face!

Phil “Mecca5” Washum is a hilarious Denver pro that always has people cracking up off the table. On it, he’s best known for his electric passing and complete and utter 5 row domination. Phil’s 5 bar series is one of a kind, and when he shifts into autopilot, he’ll completely control the match and sometimes you can actually see his opponents deflate on the other side because the only times they get to touch the ball are when they get the drop.

His 5 is a sick mix of hard stick, chip, and brush passing....and when I say “hard”…I mean HARD. He will hit his chip up harder than most people shoot, and it’s not uncommon for his opponents to actually laugh at how badass that pass is. His series is a complete series, so once he gets one pass on you, it’s like you’re stuck in his web for the next few passes. Some players say he gets stubborn on a lane or wall…and if you block him, he’ll go there over and over…but basically he lives with the ball no matter what.

Phil’s kryptonite is his 3 bar…he’s streaky, and it is here which keeps him from being in a higher class of pros. When practiced up, he has a fast roller…but he’s definitely is a “one-sider” which gets easy to block by forcing him to go to his weak side, or baiting him into his favorite side. He also shoots a pull with a great inside game, but the long is somewhat raceable with a slow takeoff. He can still get in a quick shot rhythm when he’s hot, but most of his matches are decided on this bar. If he’s shooting well, he wins…if not…it’s a slow painful loss because he lives with the ball so much.

In singles, Washum usually places high in the brackets due to an incredible painfully methodical game. Painful to opponents, but it really is beautiful to watch. He’s got a good scoring 2 bar, but elects to use a phenomenal 2 to 5 chip series to get the ball to his 5 row. It’s got all kinds of fakes and hitches and rarely gets blocked. That, plus his brutal 5 can really take his opponent out of their game. If they shoot and Phil blocks it…it’s pretty much a given that it will get to his 3 row. The repetition wears players down and even if Phil isn’t scoring at a high percentage on his 3 bar, he’ll just win with sheer opportunities.

Overall, Phil’s got a great game to model after for newbies and is a strong pro when he wants to be.

Strengths: Disgusting 5 bar, awesome 2 – 5 passing series, great D, good 2, solid all around player who can sometimes shift into autopilot and take fast paced players out of their game, nasty tomahawk, high foos IQ, plays better against better competition

Weaknesses: 3 bar is pretty much the only part of Phil’s game keeping him from being a dominant pro/pro master, can quick shoot too much

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:20:00 AM