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Player Profile - Phil Huss

Profile: Phil comes up to Denver once every now and then to lay a beatdown on the local scene and then retires back to Durango. He’s got a fierce fiery attitude and when he’s on he’s tough to beat. Under the pressure cooker, Phil usually comes through in the clutch.

His 5 is a nice brush series mixed with a quick wall. The best way to block him is to take away the fast stick wall, and force him to beat you with his brush passing. His take offs and tosses are a little predictable if you study his 5 bar for a while, but if you’re playing him for the first time he’ll massage you pretty good.

On the 3 bar, Phil shoots a pretty disciplined roller. His push side is automatic and gets out pretty far. He’ll also work the middles pretty well. Last time he came around Denver, his pullside was pretty weako. He even had to use a front pin grip/stance if he wanted to go pullside. Phil is a good forward and partner…he reads the holes well and can put the ball in the hole.

Strengths: Solid all around game, good head…can make the meatnut pass and shot when it counts, good defensive 5

Weaknesses: Pullside roller was last observed as a work in progress, doesn’t practice/play against the top competition in Denver living in Durango, 5 bar series could be more refined and blend together

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:24:00 PM