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Player Profile - Jake Valencia

Profile: High up on the list of CO players that cause others to walk away from the table pissed off and crying is underrated, and infamous, Jake Valencia from the Springs. Sucking the foos lifeforce from his opponent’s as the match plays out…with a couple slops mixed with smart playing – Jake can send the calmest of players over the edge with his slow style of play. He’s been foosing for a while now and when playing well, can be a tough rookie to play against as well as a solid versatile partner to team up with.

Jake’s got some good, smart defense that can gives opponents fits, but can sometimes be a little lazy keeping loose balls in his zone. His 2 bar can also have trouble clearing the zone when he’s not practicing a lot. He usually can still manage to score at least one a game from back there. As a forward, his 5 bar is a nice smooth stick series which gets better the more he plays. It’s not hard, but he picks holes well. From the 3, Jake shoots a patient disciplined pull. He’s good at straights and shorts, but can still blast some longs when needed. It’s one of those shots that seem raceable, but with a smooth takeoff and affinity for the insides, he can be frustrating to block when he gets hot.

Inexplicably, Jake is forever surrounded with a dark cloud of foos “luck” amidst his lazy play and misexecutions….which earned him the casual nickname of “Soul Sucker.” Opponents seem to check out against him with a couple slops, which make it all the more gratifying for Jake and his teammate.

Strengths: Smart D, good all around 5 bar, Good inside game with his pull, soul sucks his opponents and will have them checking out fast!

Weaknesses: Practice player, lazy stance sometimes brings down his partners, catching loose balls, sometimes his clearing from the 2 bar has problems

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:19:00 AM