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Player Profile - Tim Wilson

Profile: Tim’s a long time fooser who’s one of the nicest guys to talk to with a great attitude for the Denver scene. He’s placed high and won some state and regional events as a goalie and is always cruising the rookie brackets with a high powered unique game that most players aren’t used to seeing. He’s versatile and plays both positions, but is probably more at home as a goalie. He’s got a fast moving defense that can be tough to time for some players, and a 2 bar that can blast all kinds of shots from the back to bailout his forward.

When he does jump up front, Tim’s 5 bar is probably the weakest part of his game. Sometimes it seems like he can score every time, but just never gets the ball on his 3. His 5 is a mixture of all kinds of passes....the same with his 3 bar. He likes to shoot kick shots, pulls, pushes, rollovers, toe pins shots…and if he’s on, he can ride the wave of momentum with his kitchen sink 3 bar. However, if you’ve played against him a lot, you’ll pick up on some of his tendencies and which holes he likes to shoot. He doesn’t shoot each shot as a series…mostly just goes to one hole *cough*long*cough*…so if you bait him for the hole you know he likes, it’s a safe bet you can block him.

He’s also a great hard working realtor and has helped a couple Denver foosers find some good deals for homes!

Strengths: Good goalie with a good scoring 2 bar, positive partner that lifts up his forward, can get hot on the 3 bar with lots of different shots for goalies to adjust to.

Weaknesses: Jack of all trades, master of none on the 3 bar, 3 bar shots can be predictable once you’ve seen him play a lot, 5 bar series needs some work, has never really molded his game to play the percentages

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:19:00 AM