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Player Profile - Sean Scranton

Profile: Having lain low for the past few years, Sean’s back playing the locals and getting his skills close to where they used to be before he took a break from the scene. Scranton plays at a strong semi pro level with a great front game. He’s a smart player from having such a steady high percentage forward game, but he can still throw up good D in the back.

As a forward, his 5 is a disciplined patient brush series…and he hits his passes like a man! Some people brush pass a little soft, but Sean really nails the ball good. He’ll toss the ball slowly and wait for his hole to open, and when he’s being smart, he’ll toss multiple times until he sees a hole he likes which can get really frustrating as the defender. Usually when the toss bounces off the wall and rolls past a certain distance, you don’t have to worry about blocking the down brush though. Also, always keep an eye out for his stick pass to the 2nd man on the 3 bar while he’s tossing back and forth for his brush.

His 3 bar is pretty strong. He mixes up his timing and hits both sides well. Sometimes it seems like he reads the push side better, but he still can hit the middle and pull sides hard.

Overall Sean’s a great forward and can dominate a game completely when he’s on. The more often he plays, the stronger Sean is. He's got plenty of wins and high placings in State tourneys to show for it.

Strengths: Strong 5 bar offensively and defensively, sticks his passes hard, strong roller, smart forward

Weaknesses: 2 bar isn’t as strong as the rest of his game, doesn’t play as serious as he used to.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:18:00 AM