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Player Profile - Jorge Palacios

Profile: Jorge and Paco have been playing up in the mountains for a long time…hitting majors here and there and always doing damage in the brackets…and that was before they even got good. They've got that Mexican fight in them and it shows as they are both vocal and intense. Just when Jorge was primed to get bumped up to Expert, along came a points reset and breathed new life to his rookie career. He has totally taken advantage of it with big time upsets and a recently winning the 2011 Colorado State Amatuer Doubles Title with his buddy Paco.

Jorge's mainly a forward, but his defense is rock solid. He has a decent 2 bar, but his defense is pretty much the only reason you'll see him jump in the pits. Up front, his 5 bar is by far the best aspect of his game. He passes hard and crisp, and has finally fine tuned it to be an actual series. He mostly uses a stick series with the occasional brush thrown in as an option, but sometimes he'll switch to the brush series. Both are crispy and effective.

His 3 row is hit and miss. He has a wicked roller with no real preference to sides…but if he gets blocked a few times, he'll go back to his very first shot - the open handed front toe pin. If you've never faced him before, he'll likely get you with some toe shots. The pullside is the fastest, but he can bang the push side too…it just has a slightly bigger wind up. Like most toe pins, the middle is the hole to give up and focus on blocking the corners. If this gets blocked, he'll switch to a pull that doesn't have blistering speed, but is pretty smooth and sneaky.

Jorge is a super nice guy off the table, but a fighter on it. He's quick on the pick ups and hacks too, so watch out for loose balls. His mental game is fierce, and with his strong 5 bar, he can steamroll through the charts.

Strengths: Good 5 row, good roller, great defense, versatile player, awesome vocal partner that can fire you up

Weaknesses: Will give up on his main shot (roller) too easy

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:21:00 PM