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Player Profile - Scott Jensen

Nickname: Bear
Profile: He doesn’t play as much as he used to be, but Bear’s still a solid pro level player when he wants to be. Before he went away from the game, he was constantly dominating brackets and taking down top players. When he was a rookie, Bear pretty much won every rookie event he played in. He didn’t tour to get points, so just sandbagged forever…CO rookies playing at the same time as Scott were pretty much just fighting for second place. By the time he graduated into semi pro status, he was already dominant, so once he did start touring, he jumped to pro fairly quickly.

Scott started off as a goalie when he first started playing foos, and just stayed there because he didn’t have many skills. He just had an open handed smash push from the pits and over time developed some of the best defense in CO. Now he shoots a fast pull, plus his old push skills…so he’s one of CO’s top goalies. His defense is a complete mind f#ck, and even though you see huge gaping holes – when you move to shoot they will be gone. The only real way to shoot against these kinds of defenses is to pick your hole and wait until it’s big, and go without hesitation. Don’t anticipate or try to read his D, otherwise he’ll just suck you. If you manage to drill him, consider it an accomplishment because it doesn’t happen often.

Eventually, he started practicing his front skills and developed one of the best 5 bars in the state, both offensively and defensively. His 5 is a perfect mix of brushes and stick passes that always seem to catch his opponents off guard. On the 3 bar, he can still pound his hard push long, but he finally went to a roller. Bear reads defenses really well on his roller, and works the entire hole – although he probably prefers the pull side more than the push. When his push and pull are equal, he really can be brutal to play against.

His singles game is strong since he has amazing defense, a strong 2 bar, and a powerful front game. Over time, he’s played all the CO players so much that he has taken away everything about their game and added it into his own. He’s like some kind of Foos Borg. Bear normally plays a slow methodical game, but can easily defend and play with the quick hack attack style games. He has few weaknesses, and is a soild pro who has earned his status with tons of hard work and table time.

Strengths: Sick D, sick 5 row, good 3, high foos IQ, will remember your game forever, great at giving his partner advice

Weaknesses: Push side roller can isn’t as fast or automatic as his pullside, doesn’t play as seriously as he used to, can sometimes take himself out of the game with slop against him

Last Updated: 10/22/2016 4:41:00 AM