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Player Profile - John McDonough

Nickname: McD
Profile: John’s one of the more vocal fooser’s in CO when he gets on a roll, which can make him very intimidating against the weaker players. He’s got an average semi pro singles game, but it’s mainly because of his wicked 5 row and offense. He’s a pure forward that has climbed the ranks as a forward…hence his goalie game leaves something to be desired.

His 5 bar is a simple near wall stick series, modeled after Spear and Sticky, and it can be just as maddening to defend against…especially when he’s riding the wave of momentum. His 3 bar consists of a very disciplined rollover that is hit viciously hard. He definitely likes the pullside holes and can blast them at will. He doesn’t read the push as well, plus needs a big hitch to get out to there…but he smartly adjusts his roller to include hitches and fakes so you never really know when he’s going. Even though he favors pullside, he can keep most defenses honest by mixing up his timing and hitches.

McD doesn’t come out as often as he used to when he dominated the rookie events, but he still puts in time when a big event comes to town and is always a player capable of the big upset.

Strengths: Disgustingly hard pullside roller, great 5 bar series, fighter on the table

Weaknesses: Pushside roller has different takeoff and isn’t read as well, needs work in goal and on the 2 bar, can sometimes let slop get to him

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:15:00 AM