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Player Profile - Traci Brubaker

Profile: Traci’s got one of the best, if not the best, offensive chick foosing games in CO. Even as a semi pro, she was basically the only CO girl who could ever give Shelly a fight (and beat) in singles and doubles. She’s feisty to play against and hates to lose which makes her a great partner for both women’s and men’s events. She’s a solid all around pro player and excels in goal, as a forward, and in singles.

Her 5 bar is a nice simple brush series, both near and far wall. She hits it well, but sometimes you can lure her into a bait because she’s so focused on smooth execution. Her 3 bar can be brutal, so she’s always a threat to go off from up there. She shoots one of the best girl rollers in the world, and when she’s on…you wouldn’t even know it’s a girl shooting it. She hits it pretty hard with good lateral speed and goes out to both corners well with no clear favorite side. Watch out for a couple quick shots through while setting up the roller and pull…those are always an easy score for her.

In goal she’s got solid experienced defense and a two bar with all kinds of shots. Like Heather, she also hits the ball extremely hard and if the shot doesn’t go in cleanly, it can still sometimes find a way. All in all, Traci is a brute with tons of wins and titles to prove it. She’s got a vocal attitude and gives it 110% every ball.

Strengths: Hack filled relentless singles game, great 3 bar, good D, intimidating to play again and great positive attitude for her partner

Weaknesses: Can sometimes fall for big baits on her 5 and 3. Doesn’t really train to fine tune her game…just wins off pure talent and aggression alone

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:15:00 AM