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Player Profile - Dale Hirokawa

Profile: If Acuna’s psychedelic game had a passionate love affair with a lifetime drunk bar hack’s game, and they had a child…it would probably look a lot like Dale’s game. Dale’s one of the nicest foosers around, and has one of Denver’s craziest games ever seen.

Looking like a kung fu master across the table, Dale’s quick hands and positive attitude make him a great goalie. After a block, he’s practically already firing off a quick shot pull or kick shot from his 2 bar. He’ll go long, short, spray it, square it...doesn’t matter. He’s just in auto pilot and breaking down zones without even reading them. The opposing forward really needs to pay attention after missing a shot if they are going to stop his 2 bar.

Up front, his 5 is a little slow, but he passes in weird lanes in the middle of the table which can throw off the opponent. His 3 bar is rapid fire and doesn’t wait for anything. Expect quick kick shots, pulls and trick shots. Even if you know it’s coming…he’ll still get it in. It can be maddening to Denver players and it’s not uncommon to see established pros screaming in frustration at the hands of a Dale beatdown. All in all, he’s a great character for the Denver scene, and gives a unique fresh take on foosball to mix things up with the same old boring style of play.

Strengths: Crazy offense, lucky (not really, but that’s how it feels to most players!), amazing fast hands, good D, great attitude for partners to feed off of

Weaknesses: Once you’ve played him a lot you know what to expect, 5 bar passing consists of mostly the same passes

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:14:00 AM