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Player Profile - Ryan Acuna

Profile: If there’s one CO fooser who brings out the worst in bad sportsmanship for the CO scene, it’s Acuna!

People are ready to kill Ryan sometimes and I’m not really sure why – probably because his game is like Forrest’s box of chocolates and he has the biggest grin on his face dropping all kinda of unorthodox shots, hacks and passes on his opponents. We’ve all seen his game…it hasn’t really changed in the past 10 years…yet no one can really stop it when he’s hot and that pisses everyone off.

His 5 bar is a good far wall tic tac series mixed with lots of hacks, so the opposing goalie needs to be ready at all times. His wall pass is money and fast, so that’s the pass you want to bait for a steal, or camp on to make him beat you with the lanes. Once the ball gets to his 3 bar, watch out because he’s got everything from tic tac pull kicks, pulls, rollers…expect everything including the kitchen sink to be thrown at you. His signature 3 bar series is his pull kick. Unlike most “pretty” pull kicks…Acuna starts with the man away from the ball. This allows for a fast pass to the middle man for the kick in. However, this means he can’t really go short easily, and also means he can’t dink you without somewhat of a different stroke. So while you still have to cover the entire goal, your best bet is to make sure the middle, ¾, and long holes are covered when he shoots. A good tactic against players who are addicted to certain holes is to show them the holes they like…and then just move there when they go. It’s too irresistible for them to pass up. But beware, cheat and give this defense strategy away and Ryan is intelligent enough to make adjustments.

In goal, Ryan’s got some solid defense and a kitchen sink 2…so when you’re zoning him up, expect everything.

Overall, Ryan’s got some solid skills in both positions and a wonderful head game which makes for good showing in big events – especially against players who haven’t seen his game or weak minded players who check out easy. The more pissed off players seem to get, the more fun and better Acuna plays.

Strengths: Unorthodox game, free spirit and doesn’t cave to pressure, different 3 bar, good hacks, makes his own luck, gets better with momentum

Weaknesses: Streaky game, when you’ve seen his shots a lot and pick up on his limitations you can shut him down, so many hacks and gimmick shots can result in instant turnovers against better players

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:14:00 AM