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Player Profile - Lexi Gabriel

Profile: Lexi’s been on the CO foos scene for a long time, and is a consistent performer with a disciplined game. Standing on one leg, with the other curled around the table leg, she is always focused on making the big block. She’s mostly at home in goal, but still likes to jump up front. Her 5 will milk the wall, so that’s the pass to take away, but she can still hit the lanes when she’s feeling it. Her 3 bar is a set pull with the occasional kick shot thrown in when flustered. She hits the ball pretty hard. Having a girl hit one in that hard on you is always a blow to the male ego. Thankfully the lateral speed is a little raceable….but when she’s in a groove, she can box it.

Passionate foosers are always great assets to any scene. She’s right up there with Ditto, Sticky, and Eul…in terms of being vocal when things are going her way. It can be a little intimidating for the weaker players, which makes her a good goalie for any forward. She's has the National and World titles to prove it.

Strengths: Fiery attitude and positive partner, good d, hits the ball hard

Weaknesses: Raceable pull, 5 bar could use some work

Last Updated: 9/16/2014 3:10:00 AM