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Player Profile - Sarah Dalesandry

Profile: Most girls lack the lateral speed on the 3 bar so they have to make up for it by having no takeoff and being extremely smart, which always messes with goalies. They have to re-adjust their timing to account for slower shots, or shots that really pound the straights and shorts since most girls can’t go long and beat a race D. What makes little Sarah tough, is that her 3 bar has no takeoff, but it’s also fast and she’ll take the long and work the entire hole. She’s one of the few female players in CO that can hold her own up front.

Her 5 is a far wall stick series that doesn’t have too many options, but she’s patient and will wait for her opening. Her wall pass is a little faster than her lane, so the lane is the pass to force her into (she can still hit it well).

The best part of Sarah’s game is her composure. She’s extremely consistent and impossible to rattle. She’s quiet but just keeps plugging away in the match. She’s a proven winner and has won locally and nationally in both singles and doubles. Her ability to jump up front or in goal when needed makes her a solid partner for both women’s and men’s events.

Strengths: No takeoff on her 3 bar, great head game, consistent, smart player, great at keeping out slop, good all around game, good clears/passes/shots from the 2 bar, can jump up front and pass and score well, positive influence for her partner

Weaknesses: 5 bar stick passing is a little slow, so she needs to tic tac the ball to pick up speed – this gives the defender the edge because they know when she’s going to pass.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:12:00 AM