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Player Profile - Tommie Bagley

Profile: Tommie’s another strong CO goalie goddess who is always winning something on tour by giving her forward excellent defense and nice clears. Not only does she do well in women’s events, but she’s consistently placing high in men’s events as well. Her defense is solid and she rarely gets drilled by opponents.

Her 2 bar push shot used to be easy to contain, but she’s definitely taken it to a higher level and now has a wide array of slippery passes to frustrate the opposing forward. The more her and her forward team up, the better chemistry they develop because they get used to catching her passes. When Tommie finally forces the opposing forward to cover the passing lanes, she’ll slip in some pushes and kick shots for an easy score.

Up front, she’s got a nice looking brush, and okay 3…but after playing her a bit, it’s easy to predict which hole she’s going to. Overall Tommie’s one of the nicest and most decorated CO foosers and is always cashing at big events.

Strengths: Great defense, positive partner, great passing and shooting 2 bar

Weaknesses: Forward and singles game need work, people talk about a set readable opening sequence she likes to use in her D…so if your shot is solid, you should be able to time some of the holes

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:11:00 AM