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Player Profile - Greg Gaustad

Fierce, emotional, and has made other foosers cry…literally. Greg loves to win and hates to lose…god help you if you’re his partner and screw up and cost him a match! Either way, he’s a fun fooser to watch on the table and is truly passionate about this game.

Gaustad has been around for a long time and has earned his pro rank. He’s solid as a forward, goalie, and in singles. Most people suffer from having too many shots on their 3 row, and while that still may be true for him…his shots are all at a high level, and that’s just his style. He’ll put the ball in the box with a good pull, push, and kick shots. His 5 is good on both ends…and watch out for his hook as well as his toss off the wall immediate brush down back to the wall pass…that’s one of his faves.

In big events, Greg excels as a goalie. His defense is solid as is his 2 bar. Oh…and if you shoot the roller on him, just ignore his comments, because he hates that shot and will make you feel like less of a man for shooting it. lol

He’s sorta like the Hulk - the angrier he gets, the harder he hits. It’s best to play him straight up without getting him worked up. While he can’t stand slop, or the roller…Greg will still give props to you if you beat him with a good game.

Strengths: Fierce, hates to lose, great singles game, strong 3 row with just about every shot in the book at a high level, Streaky, great goalie game – offense and defense, intimidating to lower ranked players

Weaknesses: Gets too angry which can affect his play, so many shots on the 3 that sometimes it takes a while to find the one that will score the best, hard partner to play with sometimes

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:11:00 AM