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Player Profile - David Miller

Nickname: Jedi
Profile: If there’s one player who is always in the center of controversy on the CO boards, it’s the self proclaimed Jedi aka “The Ruler of the North.” Denver foosers don’t respect his game because he’s from the north, and northern players don’t respect his game because…well…because they’ve been his personal punching bag for the past 10 years. Okay maybe his fiery attitude has something to do with it too. But if anyone is entitled to an ego, it’s Jedi. For years, he has dominated the Ft. Collins, Greeley tournaments and only recently have the players up there gotten good enough to stop his reign (he still cashes a lot though).

Dave’s best game is singles. He’s fast, fearless, and is relentless on the quick shots, hacks, and trick shots. If you play him lazy, you’ll lose without a doubt. Asides from his tremendous hand eye coordination, his head game is great when it comes to dealing with pressure. He feels none. Jedi’s all about getting the ball and putting it in the box. His best qualities are also his downfall. His style of play, once seen and adapted to…is predictable. That’s why the stronger players bring him down to earth and make him mortal. It’s the newer players that don’t pick up on his tendencies.

Overall, Jedi is strong player and deserves a spot in CO’s foosball hall of fame for all the intensity, funny stories, and pure dominance he had up north for as long as he did. He’ll still come to Denver every now and then and take down some solid ranked players, so the legend continues…

Strengths: Sneaky, fearless, streaky and when on fire will end the match fast, good offense, phenomenal singles game, big arsenal of shots

Weaknesses: When he checks out he’ll lift up his men or score on himself, so successful for so many years that his game is pretty much done evolving – you know exactly what you’re getting when you play him, sometimes shoots open handed…so that makes him prefer the long, 2 bar isn’t really a threat, so many shots but master of none

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:10:00 AM