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Player Profile - Ryan Knapton

Nickname: Knapton
Profile: Boring foosball equals winning foosball, and Ryan’s game is proof of that. Learning to play the right way, his game plays the percentages and consists of a simple near wall sit still stick series and a patient roller. His passing used to be just as wall and lane, but he’s finally adding in a few options to keep his opponents guessing. Despite being new to the game, he’s already got a couple 1st place victories at Eck’s under his belt which is rare for a new forward. The only thing he needs to climb the ranks is more experience touring against better competition.

Strengths: Fearless, disciplined front game, hammers his passes, simple passing series so he’s not afraid to blast the lane on crucial points.

Weaknesses: Lives in Breckinridge and can’t play the top players on a regular basis, lateral speed on his roller could be faster, singles and goalie game needs work.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:25:00 PM