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Player Profile - David Michaels

Nickname: Sheriff
Profile: The latest fooser to go from zero to hero!

Dave has bust on the scene in the past year or two with a very methodical 5 and an above average roller. His game has already got him many wins locally and a few rookie titles on tour. His front game consists of a slow patient toss for his brush, so it can be painful to defend against. He also has a quick wall to keep his opponents off guard. Dave’s roller is patient and mixes up the holes and timing, so it can be tough to block at times. The great thing about Dave is that he’s from Boulder, so he’s giving that scene a disciplined game to emulate.

Dave’s game is very disciplined. Once he climbs a tier or two and makes his passing and shots stronger…he will be able to hang with the better CO players on a more consistent basis.

Strengths: Patience, good head for his level, solid all around game, long automatic pushside roller

Weaknesses: Just needs to keep playing against the better players to let his game and confidence grow, needs more time in goal, doesn't play as much anymore since his kiddo

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:10:00 AM