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Player Profile - Tim Walters

Nickname: Big Baller
Profile: The Big Baller. What can be said about Tim Walters that isn’t already known across the galactic foosball universe. Quite simply, his 2 bar of pain can score any zone, and it’s not uncommon for him to outscore his forward a couple times a night. He’ll even score all 5 points when he gets hot. A highly decorated player, Baller has tons of state titles as well as on tour, including a World Title in 3500 Limited. In the beginning, he could cruise through singles brackets just shooting off his 2 bar, but now he’s spent the past couple years developing a wicked front game with a smooth crafty 5 to compliment his nasty roller.

His 5 is pretty tough to defend as it’s a simple brush, but he will throw in options and fakes as needed. There’s no wall or lane to camp on – just pick one and hope for the best. Usually a lock for at least one title per state tourney.

Strengths: Sick loose ball catches, unraceable roller, sweet 5, good smart D as well as great race D, disgusting 2 bar, good at finding his opponents weakness and exploiting it, can jump in back and take over a match.

Weaknesses: Sometimes gets too antsy to make the big shot and rushes it…which breaks down his technique, sometimes has a big windup on the 2 rod which some players can key off of, needs to play front more in big tourneys to get used to high pressure matches as a forward, likes his defense and doesn’t adjust easily.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:09:00 AM