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Player Profile - Pat Davis

Nickname: Princess
Profile: The great thing about foosball is that everyone has their own style, and Princess definitely has taken hold of a rapid fire style of play that baffles many of his opponents. When he’s on, he’s intimidating as hell. His 5 bar consists of super fast tic-tac passes (both near and far) mixed with some sneaky hacks. His roller is nasty fast, and hits more than the standard 3 holes which makes is extra difficult to block. The pullside is his favorite, but he can still blast the push, as well as the insides so you never really know what to block. When he’s feeling it, his quick shooting can be very frustrating to block. Mainly a forward, his goalie game is also very good…as well as a really fast paced hack attack singles game that most players can’t keep up with. Pat dominated rookie events, and is still in the upper echelon of the semi pro divisions.

Strengths: Fast tic tac style that isn’t seen a lot, overall strong game in all areas, very fast lateral speed on his roller, good 3 bar kick and pin shots that aren’t over used and blend very well into his game, good hacks

Weaknesses: Prone to many turnovers due to his fast style, quick shooting is streaky, doesn’t have a slow methodical game to change to when people get on him

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:09:00 AM