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Player Profile - Brian Schrunk

Nickname: Kid Thunder
Profile: Loaded with tons of raw talent, Brian used to cruise through tour brackets when he was serious about playing all the time. His game was fast paced and automatic…and if you’ve never played him before, you’d probably lose. He’d have one gimmick shot after another on the 3, and then would work a quick shot roller for the remaining points.

His front game is high octane, and you never want to give him wall passes because he’s got some good ones. His 3 bar can go off, but at the same time…he can fall into a rut quick shooting. You also have to always be on the lookout for quick kick shots as well as toe pins from all his practice on Bonzini tables. From the second he gets the ball on the 3 row, he’s a threat to score at any time.

Brian’s also at home playing goal, and has a solid 2 bar. All his time spent practicing with Tom Spear has rubbed off with some of Spear’s antics…so expect weird timeouts and wolfman howls when he scores big points. Overall he’s a good partner who can jump in goal or hop up front for the big block and score.

Strengths: snappy roller, good defense, fast singles game, good 2 bar, good pullkick from the 3, lots of variety

Weaknesses: Good 5 bar passing but it’s predictable over time, falls into quick shooting a lot with his roller, predictable gimmick shots when you watch him play a lot

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:09:00 AM