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Player Profile - Bart Butcher

Profile: The most painful thing in the world is watching Bart drive all the way up from the Springs just to go 2 and out in a Denver tourney…lol…thankfully that doesn’t happen too often! Bart’s a solid pro, and when practiced up and ready for big events, he can really do some damage.

His game really is how beginners and rookies should strive to emulate – very disciplined. His 5 is an extremely patient brush pass with a slow toss so he can read the defense. Most beginner brushers toss the ball once, and pass. That becomes predicable and if the defense is smart, they can start to anticipate and bait the timing. However….if Bart doesn’t like what he sees…he’ll just toss it again…and again. It can be extremely frustrating to block…and if you get lazy, he’ll throw in a quick wall.

Bart shoots a great pull and usually works the entire whole fairly well. He mixes up his timing, and never throws in gimmick shots. He can also hop in back and throw up some good pro level defense and strong 2 bar action. His singles game is also pretty good – it’s methodical and plays the percentages. Overall, he’s a solid pro in both positions and can catch fire and beat anyone at anytime…including top masters.

Strengths: great patient 5, good pull, methodical singles game, plays up to the level of competition

Weaknesses: Will go left too easily with too much slop or missed shots, streaky when not playing a lot, can play down to the level of competition

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:08:00 AM