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Player Profile - Garrett Scherkenbach

Nickname: Surecanblock
Profile: Garrett is like a foosball elephant. He can remember practically every ball he’s ever played since the 70’s and can tell you tons of interesting foos stories…just ask! Garrett is one of the best, if not THE best, goalie on the planet…too bad he lives in the Springs and can’t come up to Denver more often. Most people look at his game and don’t think it’s anything special…he might even lose locally…but I’ve come to the conclusion after watching him for 10 years that he saves his serious “A” game for tour.

His 2 bar is phenomenal when paired with dominant pro master forwards – he can pass and shoot at will. His defense speaks for itself. Asides from his numerous OD titles, Garrett won OM…playing nothing but goal! Crazy! All the other forwards were Robbie…Tommy…Rico…Billy…but Garrett played goal for Moya and they took home the title! Unreal.

His front game isn’t at a touring Pro Master level, but locally, he can still bring it. His 5 is sneaky, and if you watch him long enough, you’ll see him use a lot of the same passes. His 3 bar is versatile. His main shot is his pushkick which gets a lot of players because people rarely see that anymore. He’s got a pretty big tell with it though…so keep an eye out. Lately, he’s been studying the roll over, and he can work that shot pretty good too. Basically, Garrett will cycle through a whole arsenal of shots until he finds a series that works. He’ll even abandon shots just to move on to others. While that would be a major weakness for beginner players…when you’re a dominant touring master, you have the mindset to know how to beat any defense with any shot. He’s just that intelligent.

His singles game is tough too. He can stay alive forever with his defense, and he’s got tons of sneaky shots and hacks that just find a way in. He won’t beat Robbie, but he’s usually the third or fourth best singles player in CO (next to Stickyfoot and Spear). In BYP or DYP’s, he’s still capable of winning as a forward.

“Sure can block” is an all around great player, but he’s 100% pure goalie and one of the nicest foosers to talk to and ask advice from.

Strengths: Rediculous foos IQ, great head, great partner, will put up a wall against the best masters in the world, strong passing and shooting 2 rod…basically Supergoalie. Sneaky 5, tricky singles game, push kick from the 3 rod, great at finding your weakness

Weaknesses: Slight tell on his push kick,

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:08:00 AM