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Player Profile - Patrick Eul

Profile: Armed with a good set of skills, and a great head…Pat consistently places high and wins tournaments around town and bigger regional events. He alternates between a nasty pull and a mostly pullside roller. Even though you know he wants pullside, he’ll still pound the short holes and middles until you creep off the long pullside hole and WHAM!! His 5 bar is pretty simple – stick lane/stick wall…and if he is reading the holes right, he can really ride the wave of momentum. In singles, his game is fast paced and filled with some different shots that can really confuse opponents and lets him go far in singles brackets.

The best part about Pat’s game is by far his attitude and ability to focus on the table. He performs when it counts and wins a lot. The only thing stopping him from jumping up high in this sport is just more time alone on the table to fine tune his game, and match experience against the top players.

Strengths: Strong fast pull, fearless on the table, good pullside roller, good singles game

Weaknesses: Good 5 bar passing mechanics but it needs to develop into a series, goes pullside so much on his roller that his push side suffers…it isn’t automatic and needs a rocking takeoff to push it out there, alternates between pull and roller too much so won’t ever have a pro level 3 bar.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:05:00 AM