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Player Profile - Nail Tuzinovic

Profile: Since day one of coming to CO, this Croatian native has made a name for himself on the table. His game is pretty standard – tic tac stick series and roller, but what separates his play from everyone else is his calm head in pressure situations. When most players might cave or struggle in big points, he seems to excel. He has quite a few titles in a short time, in both doubles and singles…including an OS victory against Tracy McMillin in the Kentucky Open. Nail usually plays with his friends in weekly BYP’s, and still manages to cash almost every time. He takes time outs wisely to calm and collect himself, and comes back fresh to the table ready to battle. His mental game is easily a pro caliber player if not stronger.

Strengths: Strong head game, solid 5 and roller, good defense, extremely consistent and rarely has off matches, comfortable up front, as a goalie and in singles.

Weaknesses: Sometimes can favor the pull side on his roller, but no glaring weakness other than just needing to train and tour more to elevate his game to a pro/pro master level.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:23:00 PM