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Player Profile - Darren Rose

Profile: If anyone can come close to Baller’s 2 rod – it’s Darren…he hits the ball HARD from back there!

Darren’s one of those prototypical players who started off in goal, and stayed there, and has since developed some great skills back there. His 2 bar is ridiculous, and he’s constantly bailing out his forward with 2, 3,4…5 points a game from the pits. He can set the ball up on the wall and go around big dot with ease…and if the pull isn’t working for him, he will switch to a push shot and drill some of those too. With all the experience he’s gotten in goal, coupled with his monster 2 rod, this rookie is always a highly sought after goalie.

Like all goalies, his front game is rarely seen in a tournament…so it definitely needs some work to bring his all around game up to his 2 bar level.

Strengths: Devastating 2 bar, good defense, feisty attitude that fires up his opponents.

Weaknesses: Average rookie mechanics up front, but needs to play a lot of forward to get the confidence to execute in a match, never passes with his 2 bar – so no need to guard the passing lanes which makes his 2 bar easier to zone up against the better players.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:03:00 AM