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Roger Aamodt

Sept 29, 2011 by Scott Rodriguez

Having gone off locally, winning virtually every tourney for over a month leading up to the 2011 World Championships, Roger Aamodt went down to Dallas to put a beat down on the Expert Singles field�bringing back the Title to Colorado. We had a chance to catch up with him to ask him a few questions.

First off, congratulations, Roger! A World Champ! And not just any event either, but Expert Singles! There were plenty of Expert Singles champions in those brackets. You've been playing forever - was this your first major title? What took so long? Lol Seriously�why is your game so strong now compared to in the past?

Thank you for the Congratulations! I have won Open Doubles at Nebraska State, (Ditto was my partner). Deadwood South Dakota tournament 1st place Open Mixed with Tina Rhoton, Open events in Georgia, Alabama, Novice events in various States. Myself and Stu Steiner in 94, I think, won Highest placing Expert team in Open Doubles,in a 32 Team playoff bracket, I always considered that a mini World title of sorts. Won Pro Am events with ( Dave Aragon ) in Indianapolis, Chicago and Colorado.

Oh damn, I didn't realize I was in the presence of greatness! Lol Just kidding, that's no surprise though. You've been playing great lately! Who first got you into foosball? Who are some of the local players who have made you the player you are today?

I started playing in my friend's basement on a Deutchmeister around age 13, and then a friend by the name of Ben Roundtree ( I pray he is alive and well) began taking me to local tournaments where I was introduced to Todd Loffredo and Tom Spear, Gil Jackson ( R.i.p. ) Bob Maloney, Bob Gibson, Mark Rudniki, Mark Taylor. The list is endless, the world of foosball changed for me forever!.

You have always been in and out of the scene, but this year�.you hit a lot of local tourneys leading up to Nationals and Worlds, what has kept your focus so intense this time around?

Last year, 2010, I became involved back in my two son's life after 19 years. God began at that time to heal me from within and heal every aspect of my life. My two sons and my daughter are the most amazing human beings I have ever known!!! Thank You God! God still does Miracles, I'm living proof!! My focus has been kept primarily because I began really accepting the fact that I'm not perfect, and that I began really loving myself and others.

Praise Allah!

To be honest Roger, your pull doesn't look all that intimidating. lol However, it does look effortless! You don't have a lot of body movement. There is zero takeoff, and you hit all the holes unraceabley. How long did you practice your stroke for? Did you try to copy anyone? You definitely didn't copy your brother Louis! His is out of control! Haha. Do you get wore out in a 5 day event? Did you ever try the roller out? Do you have any tips for people trying to shoot a pull?

I began shooting the pull shot in about 1980, I think if anyone, I tried to copy Tom Spear. There are several drills you can do to really make your pull awesome. A pull doesn't have to be blazing to be effective, nor does any shot.

Where's the tips!? You've placed high as both a goalie and forward - which do you prefer and why?

I love both forward and goalie and play both positions to the fullest...wherever myself and my partner are comfortable.

What was it like playing Boogie in the finals of the Winner's at Worlds? I don't know if you remember, but at an OK tourney (Summerslam) you and I played at a long time ago, we ran across each other in SP singles, and you just let me go on to win it. I was baffled, but wasn't complaining! Where was your head at knowing you'd be playing a friend for a chance at a World title? Also, did you think you had the advantage playing him over someone else, since you knew what to expect?

I definitely remember Summerslam that was a fun tournament and I wasn't ready to win at that moment in my life, and you were! I have the utmost respect for Phil! Phil, Teddy and myself were top three at Colorado State also, I played Phil at State for winners bracket and he beat me and then Teddy beat me, I was happy to take third and felt I was outplayed by both the afore mentioned players! I was very focused at Worlds playing Phil - I was not overconfident I wanted to play fiery and focused and humble! and that's what I did. I wanted myself and Phil to be in the finals and even mentioned that to Phil at the beginning of our match. We both agreed we wished that match was the finals. The two people I was concerned about going into this event this year were Phil Washum and Mark Brubaker, I think I mentioned that to each of them. It is difficult playing a friend to get to the Finals, so I just focused and really tried to execute everything as best as I could. Knowing someone's game can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Advantage, you know there game, disadvantage you know there game and they still do well against you.

Teddy Sprouse has always been a force in the Expert events - did you scout him out at all? Did you ask other players for their thoughts? Or did you just go into the finals blindly?

I did scout Teddy's game but I also felt after playing him several times at Co. State. I knew what he wanted to do, I just had to beat him to the punch at his own game, so to speak.

Which match was mentally tougher - Phil or Teddy? Which had more pressure? Where they even your toughest matches in that event?

I was trying to not let myself feel any pressure in any match. Of course Phil and Teddy's match were both tough!! Two matches that stick out in my mind though were Justin Smith and Joe Compean, both very tough matches!

I wouldn't know about Phil's matches being tough�lol Would you have been content with 2nd had you not managed to win ES?

Yes I would have been content with second, but for the first time maybe in my life I was playing to win the tournament and not just to do well.

Content with second? You're killing me! Lol Did your attitude and habits over the Worlds weekend change as you made it to the finals? Like�did you go to bed early�not party�.not put too much effort in your other events�be careful not to wear out yourself?

Well everyone knows I'm not a big party person, but I did get a good night's sleep as I think that is very important to health in general anyway. I was trying to win every event I was in!!!!

Was there anything else extra exciting or funny that happened at Worlds this year? What's been a few of your most memorable moments on tour?

Well every major I was at with Juan Tores either doing set up or tear down or one or the other, we had a saying or theme or slogan for that tourney. Colorado State was "I jacked a drunk for his Kit Kat" ( this guy stumbles into the check in area and we wanted to jack his Kit Kat he had in his hand, we bought one instead,lol ) ( the phrase Kit Kat man was born ) Nationals, (Bugs and jugs), self explanatory I think, hehe. Worlds, (Love puffs)- or giving someone an unexpected aroma when they least or maybe when they expect it. Anyway we got hours and days of laughing hysterically at these silly sayings, it also helps set up and tear down become a breeze.

You're a total fighter in this game, I love that you're so vocal on the table. Yet when you scored the winning point for the World title�you didn't yell or celebrate at all. In fact, you looked pretty humble. Why was that?

I was shocked, stunned, relieved, emotional, and very humble. A few moments after my Championship win, Phil and I were talking...I had tears in my eyes and it was setting in a bit. Thank you Phil for that moment.

What's it like being a part of the "Brubaker" clan, and then watching Mark win earlier this year, and now Traci?

The Brubakers are family, they have helped me through the hardest times in my life!! I was so happy for Mark!! He has a great life and a great foosball career ahead of him. Traci deserves the Championship in more ways then on the foosball table, she gives to people from her heart and deserves a very special place in heaven.

What's the maddest you've ever been on the table at someone? Lol I can think of one instance with Mouth�I'm sure there's more! Haha

I have gotten upset many times over the years and I'm not proud of this, so hopefully anyone who I've turned into an idiot and gone off at the mouth will find it in their hearts to forgive me.

You've helped out Mary being part of the set up and tear down crew�.did you do that at Worlds? Does doing that impact your level of play for the weekend?

I did do set up only at worlds. I think doing set up and tear down can affect you adversely, but I chose to turn it into a positive because you can let it take your focus off of foosball a little which takes tension off of yourself and lets you focus ( in 94 the win with Stu Steiner, I did set up and tear down there also )..

What did Louis say when he found out you won?

I owe part of this World Championship to Louis! He and I had a conversation earlier in the year or late last year, I was thinking of quitting Foosball and taking up knitting or something, lol, 48 is not too old to play Foosball and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Louis was ecstatic!!!!) Thank You Louis your an awesome Brother!!!!!!!!!!

Does winning Worlds make you even more hungry to tour? Do you think you'll keep touring when you go pro? Do you even want to go pro?

I am very much in Foosball mode and wanting to travel to 3 remaining State Championships this year. I will return to Pro status where I was for years!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your reign to chat with CO Foos! Good luck on all the tour events you hit!

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