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Robin "Trashy" Adcock
2009 Hall Of Fame Classic Semi-Pro Singles Champion

April 2, 2009 by Scott Rodriguez

Robin's always been a loyal fooser making the trek all the way to Denver from Grand Junction on a regular basis with his own style on the table. He's coming off a huge Semi Pro Singles title in Vegas, and was nice enough to sit down with us for an interview.

So Robin, how did that win feel, and have you come down from the high yet?

It felt better than I even thought it ever could. Yea it has sunk in now, and it is back to practice time."Need some new options"

How hard did you train for Vegas anyway? Did you put in lots of hard work, or did you just get hot?

I worked quite hard on my 5 bar, and my 2 rod shooting. When my buddy Chuck Waldschmidt comes over we battle singles for at least 3 hrs every time. The fact that Chuck shoots a great pull and roller really helped my D when I got to Vegas. Plus he has a pretty strong 5 stick series near side. Thanks Chuck!

As far as getting hot, I'd say I just stayed hot more than anything, and made my breaks work when they arrived.

When you entered the Semi Pro events, did you expect a win was possible from the beginning? Was that a realistic goal for you, or was it something that only became possible the further you went in the brackets?

When I entered Semi Pro Singles I really just wanted to play well and have fun. In the past I have tried to play the fast paced game, and it eventually failed me by going to fast at the wrong times. This time around I just kept telling myself to smile, have fun and play my game. (whatever that means) I guess I slowed down just a tad every now and then, and that helped.

Did you feel any nerves in the finals? If so, how did they affect your game and how did you control them?

The nerves I had in the finals hit me at about 3-3 first game when Matt Botros was blocking my pull pretty good. Realizing I had no roller to rely on, I had one choice, and that was "Options"!

Did you feed off your home town friends rooting you on in the finals, or did they add to the pressure?

Having my friends from G.J. and other Co foosers there was a huge help for me. I would hear them yell when I scored and it definitely took the pressure off.

How did your game get to the level it is now, when you live in Grand Junction and can't play the top players often?

When I have down time from work (which is often lately) I practice my 5 quite a bit, which I think has been my biggest weakness for forever and a day.

Living in G.J. probably has made my road a little longer than some other players living in Metropolis areas. But I just absolutely love to compete!

I can tell you're a competitor, you've always been fierce on the table. Why do you call yourself the Trashman?

Not really sure how this came about. It could be from all my spazzy just score now attitude pull kick miss hits off 2 men and a wall.LOL Or it could be I was a really good listening kid who always took out the trash. Hmmm.

In the past few trips to CO, your game has gotten a lot more disciplined, but I heard that you broke out all the shots in the finals of SPS in Vegas. Can we expect to see a return to trash or what? lol

As far as returning to trashy I guess that is for my opponent to figure out. In the finals 2nd set last game I relied on my instincts more than anything.

I had noticed him bailing on all my setups in the game before. So in the last game it was pretty much a counter move on every shot but one.

That's awesome you planned out your options through the course of the match. That's definitely something high level players do (on the 5 and 3 both), whereas rookies just play one ball at a time. Take notes, rooks!

Now that you've won and don't need to hide anything do you have a 'go to' shot(s) that you like to break out on crucial points?

I have really been working on my pull as my main shot, but in crunch time I will probably use a couple of options to set up a sneaky pull kick or push kick.

Who are some of the players on tour that you like watching? Are there any parts of the top players games that you wish you had in your arsenal?

Players I like to watch are mostly the ones who play fast paced singles, or shoot kick shots. Tony S, Pappas, Rico, Robbie, Tommy, Ryan M, Terry Rue, Dube,Thor, Ditto, Spear

I wish I was as consistent as Tony on the far side tic tac but who doesn't. My one weapon of choice would be Ryan M's 2 rod.(sick)

Do you plan on riding the wave of foos success and training harder and touring, or are you going to chill and bask in your victory for a while?

I am right back practicing and I want Texas State SS and SD's titles.

Nice, who are you playing SPD with out there?

Not sure yet, I have talked with Chad Loessberg and D Rose but nothing is definite yet.

So you want to take a ride on the D-Train, aka '5 points a game from the back' too, huh? I wonder what Michaels will think about that! lol

Asides from an Open or World title, you've achieved pretty much the highest level of success a fooser can get - what are you foos goals for the future?

I would love to make Pro and do better in my doubles events. But I just want to keep improving my defense reading, both 5 and in goal.

Thanks so lot for taking the time to sit down with us Robin. Best of luck to you in future tournaments!

Thanks Scott, I think this interview felt like more pressure then the SS title did.