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#1 Posted : Friday, February 8, 2019 6:21:44 PM(UTC)

Rank: Newbie

Joined: 1/25/2016(UTC)
Posts: 105
Location: god'sville

Oracle, don't be greedy, don't be greedy, did you consider that people would love ot see a jedi master's tomahawk

Don't let the fact that i am here scare they shit out of you.

Mc stuffins, I know you are still here, do you even tomahawk?

Don't let the fact that i am here scare the shit out of you, you are awesome, i heard about you. Don't be greedy.

I heard about you, show the world.

Slice, you are awesome, show the world how awesome you are.

Slice, do you even tomahawk?

Go find anybody in your state?

Go find jedi and hold up your camera so we can see an autchentic jedi's tomahawk so everyone can see it.

SLice you were the first, the first one to say 3 of the dumbest things you possibly could have said. Being incoherent would have been a smarter move.

I want to see some jedi shit, i watched the last jedi about a month ago. Everyone says it sucks but it doesn't suck.

Oracle, show me what yoU think kylo ren's tomahawk would look like.

Todd said you had 5 options for a pass and score better than anything you have ever daydreamed about so i would love to see you interpret 4 different forms of jedi tomahawks.

What color is your light saber

Don't let teh fact that i am here scared the shit out of you. Your shit must be so much better than mine.

#2 Posted : Sunday, February 10, 2019 4:44:43 PM(UTC)

Rank: Newbie

Joined: 1/25/2016(UTC)
Posts: 105
Location: god'sville

mcstuffins, do you want to meet somewhere and stream the conversation? Do you want to have a debate and stream it.

Or are you still trying to sabotage me?

You whores are such a tease. And you are worse because not only are you real stupid but you are a rat, or at least you try to be a rat.

What's wrong with you? You can't get any partners? Nobody wants to play with you? You know you are just going to donate?

You love foosball and you love bars but you know you are just going to donate.

My ugly half speed if that versions just look to good compared to you. Just practice your favorite pass for 5 hours a day for 4 years and show the best looking ones and tell me 2 days ahead of the end of the last day.

Lol you have joker pics on your fake page. I don't think the joker would like you.

Good job thinking that using lies and bullshit to argue with someone makes you feel good and you actually think you like win.

Do you ever want to deserve your white privilege. You need to go to the hospital and give it to a black kid that will be dead from cancer in 5 months. He might deserve it a lot more.

i know it sucks, if you could just play like me you would be at every tournament. It is all being wasted and you made one or 2 accounts to come here and lie like and for dumb cunts.

Is the second one you, or is it hackdaddy?

Let's meet somewhere and talk, you will own me. I am delusional and everyone loves you and wants to play with you.

Practice every day for 4 years and i will play once a month and it will still look like i am a hundred times better than you.

But i am stupid and you are so smart. It makes perfect sense doesn't it. I am so stupid and you are so fucking smart.

Jedi, i want to see your tomahawk. I am guessing at some point in the last 4 weeks you have told someone that your tomahawk is better than ever. You are at peak performance. you don't need to practice, you are just like Bo Jackson. You are 1 in a billion. Bo didn't even lift weights. He says he mainly just did push ups or something. If he didn't get hurt he would have been in the hall of fame.

You are just like nolan's arm. That playboy can probabLy stilL throw 85.

Jedi just admit to all of the lies by all of you and you can continue all of your teaching.

Mcstuffins, trash trash trash
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