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2nd Place

3rd Place

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Approximately $6000 in prizes and cash.

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Open Doubles
1st Robby Mares Rick Reese $350 + jacket
2nd Chris Lopez Mike Rusch $200
3rd Tom Spear Bob Grasser $125
4th Bear Moose $80
5th/6th Brad Stenelle Forrest Lindsley $30
5th/6th Jk Smith Shelley Langley $30
Open Singles
1st Tom Spear   $200 + jacket
2nd Rob Mares   $150
3rd Bart Butcher   $100
4th Phil Washum   $50
5th/6th Brad Stenelle   $20
5th/6th JK Smith   $20
Open Mixed
1st Tom Spear Traci Brubaker $140 + jacket
2nd Rob Mares Steph Walters $70
3rd Moose Dana $30
Women's Doubles
1st Madison Canestrano Michelle Johnson $50.00
2nd Steph Walters Shelley Langley $30.00
3rd Grace Wadkins Traci Brubaker $20.00
Women's Singles
1st Grace Wadkins   $40.00
2nd Traci Brubaker   $20.00
3rd Steph Walters   $10.00
1st Moose Dave Council $250
2nd Mike Balias Ron Hardin $160
3rd Mason Thomas Roger Aadmot $110
4th Joe Clark Daryl Papineau $40
5th/6th Dave Miller Grace Wadkins $20
5th/6th Leo LaGuardia David Grand $20
Semi-Pro Doubles
1st Mark Madej Tim Walters $255 + jacket
2nd John Morse Steve Steighner $140
3rd Dave Watson Roger Aadmot $100
4th Victor Lam Mason Thomas $80
5th/6th Jason Tibbs Drew Yoder $40
5th/6th Jon Zimmerman Ron Hardin $40
Semi-Pro Singles
1st Tim Walters   $140 + jacket
2nd Moose   $80
3rd Robin Adcock   $50
4th Stephen Steighner   $40
5th/6th JK Smith   $25
5th/6th Jacob Drummond   $25
Rookie Doubles
1st Mark Madej Dana Thompson $300
2nd Jacob Drummond Rich Baca $190
3rd Robin Adcock Dave Smith $130
4th Bear Leo LaGuardia $100
5th/6th Kevin A Madison $70
5th/6th Forrest Darrly Pappineau $70
Rookie Singles
1st Steve Steighner   $170 + jacket
2nd Mark Madej   $90
3rd Leo LaGuardia   $60
4th Bear   $40
5th/6th Eric Weishaar   $15
5th/6th Dave Freeburg   $15
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