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First, as always, thanks to all of you who showed up to play and made this run so smoothly. Props as well to Mike, April and the rest of the Bankshot crew for being such gracious hosts!

We had 27 teams tonight and finished right at last call. Total payout was $480 paid out to 5/6 (breakdown below).

The final match between Spear / Marco and Mares / Allen was great to watch, with Rob and Erik going for the dip, winning the first match, and then losing meat-nut. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again for making this a great night o' foos!



The Results:

1 Tom Spear / Marco ($240)
2 Rob Mares / Erik Allen ($120)
3 Brian Shrunk / Tim Walters ($60)
4 JK Smith / Dave Menzis ($40)
5/6 Curt Mason / Greg Allen ($10)
5/6 Gary Edgeworth / Mike Salazar ($10)
7/8 Bart Butcher / Cary Dullas
7/8 Mike Sames / Scott Biscote
9/12 Angelo / Joe
9/12 Greg Gaustad / Scott Rodriguez
9/12 Rick Reese / Mike Rusch
9/12 Bob (Golden Cue) / Dave Watson

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