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NOVEMBER 8-10, 2002

This is a quick prize tally from the results that we have and it looks like CO dominated the NM State Championships.


CO $1935.00   NV $475.00
AZ $702.50   TX $340.00
NM $617.50   UT $255.00
CA $570.00      
Open Doubles
1st Garret Sherkenbach CO $500
  Fernado Rosa CA $500
2nd Robert Mares CO $250
  Ditto Hobbs AZ $250
3rd Steve Tellas AZ $150
  Louis Cartwright NV $150
4th Marty Lopez UT $75
  Lee McClure UT $75
5th/6th Victor Lam CO $40
  Moose CO $40
5th/6th Ice   $40
  Jonsen   $40
Open Singles
1st Robby Mares CO $500
2nd Louis Cartwright NV $250
3rd Fernando Rosa CA $150
4th Marty Lopez UT $75
5th/6th Lawerence Cardenasa NM $50
5th/6th Gary Edgeworth CO $50
Semi-Pro Doubles
1st Eddie Tarango NM $150
  Corey Jensen TX $150
2nd Aaron Tong NM $75
  Mike Carabajal NM $75
3rd Douge Steele AZ $40
  Pat Hudson AZ $40
4th Mondragon CA $25
  Chuck Moore CA $25
Semi-Pro Singles
1st Aaron Tong NM $150
2nd Moose CO $80
3rd Mike Prieto NM $50
4th Eddie Tarango NM $30
Rookie Doubles
1st Marc Tachell AZ $62.50
  Eric Borkovec AZ $62.50
2nd Jason Brill CO $37.50
  Steve Steigner CO $37.50
3rd Charles Moore CA $25
  Gordon Best AZ $25
Rookie Singles
1st Corey Jensen TX $80
2nd Steve Steighner CO $50
3rd Jeff Romaine UT $30
Women's Singles
1st Heather Voss AZ $60
2nd Shana Lueras TX $30
Friday DYP
1st Gary Edgeworth CO $180
  Brad Laurine CA $180
2nd Sergie Aragones CA $85
  John Morse CO $85
3rd Phil Washum CO $40
  Dana Thompson CO $40
4th Fernando Rosa CA $17.50
  Dave Flores NM $17.50
5th/6th Chuck Espinoza NM $10
  Shana Lueras TX $10
5th/6th Graeson Lewis CO $10
  Ed Roche NM $10
Goalie War
1st Louis Cartwright NV $75
2nd Garret Schekenbach CO $25
3rd Greg Smith CO $20
Mixed Doubles
1st Louis Cartwright NV  
  Dana ?    
2nd Lawerence Cardenas NM  
3rd Phil Washum CO  
  Dana Thompson CO  
3500 Limited
1st Sergie Aragones CA  
  Chuck Moore CA  
2nd Aaron Tong NM  
  Eddie Tarango NM  
3rd Victor Lam CO  
  Lee McClure UT