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Colorado Rapids Foosball Challenge - Grand Finale!
Submitted by Greg [07-18-2001 3:00 p.m.]

On the big screen!

The day started out with 6 foos tables in the stadium, 3 in each end zone. The tournament was played out in the North end zone prior to the soccer game starting. The first match up was Phil Washum and Dan (cheese) Barber against Ditto Hobbs and Greg Smith - Everyone was pretty pumped and ready to play, it was a hard fought match with Ditto & Greg getting the final point to advance to the next round. Tom Spear and Curt Mason had to start off playing Mark Rudnicki and Mike Rusch in the winners bracket and Mark and Mike prevailed to take the match sending Tom and Curt to the losers bracket. Tom and Curt's next match was against Ditto and Greg. It also was a tough match but Ditto and Greg came out on top in two games and moved to the finals to play against Mark and Mike to see who got to be a part of the halftime show with Robert Mares and Grant Nelson. As the match starts things are getting tense and the pressure is on, everyone wants to make it on the field for the halftime show. Ditto and Greg play strong and take the first set forcing a second set to be played since they came out of the losers bracket. Mark and Mike are who put Ditto and Greg in the losers bracket so they are looking for a little retribution. As the second set starts, things start to really liven up, Marks pull shot really starts to come alive and Ditto had switched to a rollover on Mike. Both forwards were scoring well and both forwards five bars were getting the job done. In the end Ditto and Greg prevailed and took the second match earning them a position in the halftime show exhibition with Robert Mares and Grant Nelson.

The halftime show was played in front of the goal in the North part of the field at Mile High. Mike Bowers was the commentator for the event and did a great job! The exhibition match on the field was a lot of fun and hopefully the crowd at the stadium enjoyed the show. The match was broadcast over the Jumbo Tron and with Mike doing the commentating the crowd got a good feel for the match. Rob and Grant did some great shots during the match and Ditto and Greg got a few of their own. Although the match was short everyone was really excited to have been a part of the event.

There is a good chance since things went well throughout the tournaments, that the Colorado Rapids will be willing to do another event like the one we just finished up. Talks have been around doing it in September sometime, maybe during a playoff game if the Rapids make it - Go Rapids!

After the exhibition at Mile High, the Rapids had a post game party at the Wynkoop Brewery with many of the Rapids players attending. Rob and Grant stopped in and played quite a few of the Rapids players on the foos tables at the bar, they put on a great show for everyone and the crowd loved it. Things finished up at the Wynkoop around midnight and everyone seemed to have a great time at the post game party.

The Colorado Rapids did a fantastic job with the event and our thanks go out to them for having us. Would also like to thank Rob and Grant for their participation and support as well, they to did an awesome job! Thanks guys! And most of all thanks to the people who participated in the event, hope everyone had a great time playing it.