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Tournament Dates: August 17-19, 2001
by Rich Stark

Weary but dedicated foosers (and promoters) played into the wee hours of Sunday night / Monday morning, drawing to a close the 2001 Colorado State Foosball Championship and ending a weekend of intense competition.

Greg S & Mason battling it out!

The tournament, presented by Pro-Master Productions and, drew participants from Colorado and other states including California, Utah and Arizona to Littleton’s Break Room. Over three times the expected number of participants showed up, in fact, jamming up the brackets at times, but due to the dedication of the players and the event staff the tournament was widely considered a resounding success.

Numerous stories and events colored the weekend, from the antics of Tom Spear and Gary Edgeworth’s crowd-drawing matches to Edgeworth’s voluntarily entering the loser’s bracket of Open Singles to head-hunt Justin Smith and late Sunday night’s unrelated pool player fight. But perhaps the real story of the weekend was local rookie Scott “Bear” Jensen, who won Rookie Doubles, Semi-Pro Doubles and the DYP and took home his share of $1,100 in prize money and 2 nice new Titles for his troubles.

So many entries were received for the 13 events that the payouts were actually increased, as well as trophies and custom Budweiser tournament logo jackets for the winners. Other big winners were local resident and current World Champion Robert Mares, who took home his share of $1,400 for winning both open events, and Salt Lake Cities Marty Lopez, who walked with his share of $870 for his placings in Open Doubles, Open Singles and the DYP.

On behalf of Pro-Master Productions and, we’d like to thank Greg Smith, Joe Royle, the Break Room and Budweiser for their help in making this event a reality. Additionally we’d like to thank Greg Allen, Mason Thomas, Scott Jensen, Derek Kiser and Rich Stark, and Dan Barber for jumping in and lending a hand in scheduling and calling matches, and Dan Barber, Greg Smith, Rich Stark for donating their tables to try and help speed up play.