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2nd Place

3rd Place

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1st - Tom Spear $60
2nd - Bear $40
3rd - Tim Walters $30
4th - Rick Reece  

In an equally exciting match it pitted the same two parties and their partners against each other .The Colorado State Champion team of Moose and Bear vs Foosball legend Tom Spear and his partner from the Last 2 World Championships Rick Reece from Ft.Collins Colorado. Moose and Bear started the match firing on all cylinders like a finely tuned Ferrari .Taking the first 2 games in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Adjustments were made and Tom and Rick started to catch up. First they got the third game from Moose and Bear, then the fourth game went to the team of Spear and Reece. Each forward passing about 100%. But the resiliancy of the Pro Master from Aurora showed in game 5 when they started to pull away from the tiring Moose and Bear. When all was said and done Tom and Rick were $120 dollars richer.

Everyone that watched that match however knows they can look forward to great things from the second place finishers in the future. I will definitly be watching to see how they fare in Vegas against the other dominant Semi-Pro teams from other states.

1st - Tom Spear / Rick Reese $120
2nd - Moose / Bear $100
3rd - Victor Lam / Eric Frickell $80
4th - Dave Watson / Bob Delin $50

Dave Watson
October 22, 2001