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One on One with ROBERT MARES
(INTRO) Interview by Greg Smith

This is the basement of the # 1 ranked player in the World.

Walking down the stairs to Rob’s practice area, I’m flanked by trophies lined up (by size) down the entire length of the staircase. Believe me, it’s intimidating -- this isn’t a stairway to a basement, it’s the walk to the throne room. Trophies, in fact, averaging 2-3’ tall, abound … they are packed along every single wall down here, along with more KISS (the band) paraphenalia than even Gene Simmons probably believes exists.

Did I mention he’s a KISS fan?

And oh yeah, there’s a foosball table down here. THE foosball table. Hell this isn’t a basement, it’s ROB’S KINGDOM.

Even though he was at the Golden Cue playing a tournament the night before and didn’t get home until 3:30 a.m., here he is with his dog Bogey at his side, vibrant and excited as he discusses with a smile his thoughts on foosball and his place in it. And as you listen to him speak you begin to realize – he’s deep and he’s passionate about everything he does whether it’s his family, his business or his game.

A ton of majors, a ton of jackets. One billion trophies. 3,474 points. And one interview, which we’re proud to bring you.

Name: Robert J Mares
Date Of Birth: 03-28-1969
Primary Shot: Rollover
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Local Hangouts: Table in his basement
USTA Ranking: Pro-Master Currently #1 in the World
(3,474 points as of April 2001)
Drink of Choice: Gatorade, Capri Sun's

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