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One on One with Phil Washum
March 21, 2002

If you've never met him, you're missing out on one of the funniest storytellers around. An all around nice guy and fierce competitor who sports a gold chain with the number "5" dangling from it, Phil Washum fits right in with the rest of the great Colorado foosers. If the "5" around his neck baffles you, just watch his game, and you'll figure out why in no time. He's an old school player, but since his return from a 6 year hiatus, he's been a dominant force locally, as well as on tour. Winning virtually every tournament he enters lately (including a 7 week reign at the Breakroom), Phil is at the top of his game and primed to do well in Vegas.

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Full Name: Philip Ray Washum
Date of Birth: August 21, 1969
Primary shot/s: Rollover, pull
Hometown (current): Aurora, CO
Local Hangouts: Jason’s Billiards
Current USTSA Ranking: 1700
Drink of Choice: Red Bull
Wraps: Yonex

List Of Accomplishments
94 Denver Open
Denver, CO
  • 1st Semi-Pro Doubles
    (w/ Brian Way)
99 Worlds
Dallas, TX
  • 3rd Place Rookie Doubles
    (w/ Jeff Freng)
  • 4th Place Semi-Pros Doubs
    (w/ Jeff Freng)
  • All as a Rookie
2000 Kansas State Champsionship
Witchia, KS
  • 1st Rookie Double
    (w/ Shaun Brose)
  • 2nd Rookie Singles
2001 Heartland Open
Huron, SD
  • 2nd Place Semi-Pro
  • 3rd Place Open Doubles
    (w/ Shawn Voigt rookie)
  • 4th Place Open Singles
2001 Worlds
Dallas, TX
  • Semi Pro Singles Table Playoff

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