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One on One with Moose
page 1 July 01, 2002
2001 CO STATE SPD Champion
Where did Moose come from?
My nickname Moose is all I've heard for about 26 years. I was a big baby at birth, and grew really fast. So my parents decided to call me Moose, when I was 2 years old. The nickname became permanent when my mom dressed me up for my second Halloween. She put me in these blue pajamas and blew up a bunch of blue balloons and tied them together like antlers and pinned them in my hair. I was known as the blue moose that year. When my mom first told me this story, I said "no way, you wouldn't do that." She then pulled out the pictures to prove it, and I laugh my ass off every time I look at them, gotta love mom.

How long have you been playing? When did you start?
Way too long, about 9 years, 1993, i was 20 years old. I can't believe I've been playing this long.

What got you hooked on foosball?
I always played pool back then, but started to hang out with some guys from a place called Gatorz. I first saw Derek Selsvold (corpse), Matt Brewer, Tim Walters, and some dopey cowboy guys always playing foos. Pool was getting boring, and my new crowd of friends were foosers, so I kinda hopped in the action. I really enjoy the head to head non-stop action in foosball.

Who were your heroes when you were starting out? Mentors? Influences?
Grant Nelson and Stu Stiner started about the same time I did, it was fun to play with them back then ‘cause we all were scrubs and wanted to be good players. I had the privilege of watching Gary Edgeworth play, and knew right that moment who I wanted to emulate. Pretty much everything I know and do comes from his playing style and teachings. The boys from the Lamplighter, Lopez, Rusch, Spear, Wydman, Loffredo, Louie and Roger Aamodt were always sweet to watch.

Who are your heroes or players that you look up to now?
Edgeworth, Mares, Grant, Sherkenbach, and Spear. All of these Pro Masters have helped me a ton. If not for them, I would still be a scrub.

Do you remember when you had your breakout moment, the moment where you realized you had game?
My defining moment was at the $10,000 Halloween Open at Starbucks in Oklahoma, 1995. I went with Shelly, Mares, Rusch, Edgeworth, Grant, his dad Ron, and a rookie named Scott Briggs. I played really well there, my first tourney out of town, taking a fresh rookie (Briggs) to third place in Semi Doubles, enduring a grip of technicals called on us.

What is your biggest win?
2002 Hall of Fame Classic, winning 3500 Ltd. Doubles with Joe Royle. I really hope all you Colorado foosers out there get to experience a tour event win, totally awesome.

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