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One on One with Moose
July 01, 2002

This man gives a new meaning to the word BRUTAL. His 5 bar is nasty... he's got some of the hardest passes I've ever seen and massages people with his pullshot. Off the table Moose is generally pretty quiet if you don't know him, but this guy is a riot once he warms up to you. Straight up guy - speaks his mind and he'll tell you anything you want to know about foosball or otherwise.

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Full Name: Moose
Date of Birth: 10-20-73
Primary shot/s: pull
Hometown (current): Denver, CO
Local Hangouts: Breakroom
Current USTSA Ranking: 1625
Drink of Choice: any beer
Wraps: n/a (he doesn't use'em)

List Of Accomplishments
2002 CO Shootout
3rd place open doubles
2002 HOF classic 3500 LTD 1st place with Joe Royle
2002 HOF classic Semi-Pro Doubles 3rd place with Scott "Bear" Jensen
2001 CO STATE Semi-pro Doubles 1st place with Scott "Bear" Jensen
2000 CO STATE Semi-pro Doubles 2nd place with Dan "Cheezy" Barber
1995 Denver Open Super Singles
2nd place
1995 Halloween Open
Semi-pro Doubles
3rd place with Scott Briggs
1994 CO STATE Rookie Singles
2nd place

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