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One on One with Gary Edgeworth
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August 20, 2003

2001 NM State

How long have you been playing and what got you hooked?
I started playing in 84..Met a guy from NY and played him all the time at Skate City where I used to race..He was the best player I had ever seen. One night some guys came in and we played them doubles and they killed us. We were like WOW! They took us to the
Lamplighter in Littleton and that was the first Tornado I ever played on.The Lamplighter was the home of 10 or so world champions. A whole new world opened up for me there.

Who were you primary influences when you were starting?
Bill Connor, Rick Ekardt, Pat Sandoval, Dave Council.

And who were your favorite players?
Todd Loffredo, Bob Maloney, Thor Donavon.

Who are your favorite players now?
I have alot of favorites. My good friends in the game would be Mares, Rosa, The Duke, Moore, Cartwright.

Who were the guys you were playing with when you first started, or who do you consider to be in your generation of foosers?
Mares, Moore, Adkinson, Rosa, Cartwright, Wydman.. Most of the people in the top 50 started playing together.

Who influenced you when you were at a high level and took you further?
Todd Loffredo, Bob Maloney and Dave Council for his wisdom of the game. If you watch Todd and the people he plays with it's incredible. He molds them into a pure player that will strive to be perfect player. On any rod you see Todd in Fred, Scotty, Trevino, Moore ect...The list is huge. He taught me my passing series years ago and I live with the ball on tour.

How long did it take you to achieve pro-master status?
I was pro in 90

Who are your regular partners, who do you like to play with?
I don't really have any regulars as I don't get out there to much anymore.. I played a lot with Raddack, SureCanBlock. Mainly whoever is desperate
enough to play with me...

Who do you think is the greatest player of all time?
Todd Loffredo without question. He keeps doing it and the sport is always evolving. Everything and person Todd touchs goes gold.

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