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One on One with Gary Egdeworth
August 20, 2003

I remember the first time I played against Gary, it was probably the only time I was ever really scared of anybody on a foosball table. His pull is flat out vicious, almost scary. He hits the ball so hard, you'd think he put a hole in the side of the table. And then to add to the intimidation comes the trash talk, which unfortunately he can back it all up on and off the table.

But now that I know Gary, he is one of my favorite players. I think every 2 bar shot I have I got from him, and he is also the main reason why I shoot a pull. Gary is a great in-your-face player. When he wants to win I think he can beat anybody out there. If you ever get a chance to see him on tour, I'd highly recommend watching his game. And if you think his 3 is hard, you should see his 5 to 3 brush up.

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Full Name: Gary Jack Edgeworth
NickNames: G-force (foos friends)
(and I've never heard anybody call him that ever)

chokeout (kayaking friends)
Date of Birth: 12/09/70
Primary shot/s: Pull
Hometown (current): Littleton, CO
Local Hangouts: Anywhere near water
Current USTSA Ranking: 3112 (34th in the world)
Drink of Choice: Water
Wraps: Yonex
Favorite playing clothes or gear: Shorts,sandels and
any shirt without a collar.

List Of Accomplishments
  • 1st Open Doubles
    (w/ Garret SureCanBlock)

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