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One of the features we envisioned from the beginning with was getting the community access, on a more personal level, to the people who make the Colorado foosin' community what it is. To that end we're going to be bringing you frequent question and answer pieces from a wide variety of vict--err, "subjects" including players, promoters, bar-owners and more -- so stay tuned!
Gary Edgeworth - August 2003

Gary Edgeworth? G-force? ChokeOut? The Edge? Ever wonder about that daredevil we all love to hate. Check it out right here.

Moose - July 2002

This man gives a new meaning to the word BRUTAL. His 5 bar is nasty... he's got some of the hardest passes I've ever seen and massages people with his pullshot. Off the table Moose is generally pretty quiet if you don't know him, but this guy is a riot once he warms up to you. Straight up guy - speaks his mind and he'll tell you anything you want to know about foosball or otherwise.

Phil Washum - March 2002

5 bar Phil, MeccaFive, CrispyFive, the names go on and on. His 5 bar series looks like a well-choreographed dance routine, with more options than a stock broker at Merril Lynch. Here's your chance to get into the mind of a 5 Bar Master.

Robert Mares - July 2001

Rob was kind enough to share a few of his thoughts with us and some photos!